This section is dedicated to planning our future, to discovering a vision for our community, and to go where no person has gone before:

Reasons for Exerting the Effort to Plan

Why should we in Hunt Club even consider "planning" our community? We harbor the following misconceptions. We live in a part of the city that has already been planned. For better or worse, we must live with what we have around us. As individuals we are powerless to change our fate: we are as close or as far from the things we need as we will ever be; whatever points of interest we have exist or don't and won't change; our ability to move and satisfy our needs is determined by our infrastructure and will not change. So why plan?

There are reasons to justify the effort of planning for our future in Hunt Club:

  1. Even if we assume a static infrastructure, changes can occur. The homes, zoning, and property lines may be cast in stone, but the people who live in them will change. People will age. Children will grow up and move away. New people will move in. Buildings and properties will age and require maintenance. Our habits, customs, orientations, aspirations, will change as different people come and go. Certain neighborhoods within Hunt Club will be mixed; others less so. Anticipating such inevitable changes will allow us to direct and control them so that our quality of life remains stable or, if we are lucky, improves.
  2. Actually, the Hunt Club area is not totally developed. We have the Southern Corridor that can be sold and developed within the next few years. The Hunt (golf) Club, itself, is a large area of land - green now - that may also be sold and developed. Hunt Club Road is now being developed and becoming busier with each passing year. The other communities and large land areas around Hunt Club are being developed, intensely, which will have an impact on our lives. If we allow people outside of our community (who put our community wellbeing secondary to personal amibition and gain) to plan and implement these changes, then the only choice we may have after all is done, is to move away.
  3. And finally, as a community, we do have the power to change our infrastructure and to improve our quality of life. If we collectively agree on concepts like quality of life, assets, environment, needs, priorities, future directions, etc., then yes we can change and improve - we can plan.

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