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Make it Easier to Supply Goods to, and Move People


Ottawa has been building, or allowing the design and implementation of, single- or limited-use urban areas. As a result, we as consumers must commute to the outlets that supply the goods and services we need. Because of the prohibitive cost of rebuilding our footprint infrastructure, we need to take advantage of official reconstruction efforts to implement solutions that bring supply and demand closer together.

Community Submissions


That the City construct a footpath from Cahill Street West at Plante to the South Keys rail/transitway station.


  1. Such a path would be a constructive way to facilitate use of both the city's light rail and bus public transit systems. It would allow the residents of both South Keys and Hunt Club to safely utilize the park-like setting being established with the Sawmill Creek constructed wetland. It would be safer then the current informal path or walking/biking on the parallel section of Hunt Club Road.
  2. The construction of this path would involve the construction of a foot bridge over the Airport Parkway, a small bridge over the Cahill tributary of Sawmill creek and a western access door to the South Keys rail/transitway station. Now is the time to embark on this project. The South Keys station is now being planned and so the additional access can be planned and installed at minimum costs. The wetlands project is being completed and the path could be incorporated in the project. The bridge over the Airport Parkway would be the most costly aspect of the project. However, this area of the parkway is lit and so electricity is available.

Progress towards a Solution

Date Progress
5 Sep 06 Alan Asselstine, treasurer for the Hunt Club Community Organization (HCCO) submitted a motion to move the proposed east-west route from going through the Southern Corridor north to going along just north of Walkley Rd. (See minutes for the 5 Sep 06 HCCO meeting.)