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Next HCCO monthly meeting will be at 7:30pm Mon 7 May 2007 at the HCRCC. See Agenda.
See calendar of events in Ottawa.
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Regional school boards
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City planning: See the City of Ottawa website for educational workshops on land use planning, and progress on updating the City's official plan.

Green Energy & Transportation Show 12-13 May, Lansdowne Park, Ottawa:

As of 4 Oct, the National Capital Commission's web site now presents significant new information about the NCC's land holdings, especially those that are NOT considered to be part of the National Interest Land Mass (NILM).
From the home page,, after selecting a language, go to Plan, Preserve & Develop, then to Planning Canada's Capital Region and then to About NCC Lands to display a page linking: To Learn more... to find an 8-page paper giving history, background, and some specifics about the NCC land holdings; three maps; and three corresponding lists. These are all PDFs; those with the maps are huge. The Coalition has been given a large-format paper copy of the maps. One of the papers the Coalition is preparing offers an analysis of these new data. The paper is being finalized.

A "Proposal" has been posted on the EBRR regarding a MNR "Strategy for Preventing and Managing Human-Wildlife Conflicts in Ontario". It can be viewed by clicking on

A "Proposal" has been posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry (EBRR) regarding a Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) "Strategy for Preventing and Managing Human-Deer Conflicts in Southern Ontario". It can be viewed by clicking on

The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) has released its annual report Wed 4 Oct. The ECO website can be viewed at

Link to the report by the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD).

Green Partnership Pilot Program Under this new program (see detail), the City invites Ottawa’s community groups, non-profit organizations, and local businesses to collaborate in the city’s greening and beautification on a ambitious scale with $1 million allocated to the pilot program—to run through 2007.

Development. Although threatened for many years, it seems that part of the Southern Corridor is to be developed after all. The current Ottawa Official Plan keeps a strip just north of present housing as part of a green corridor from the Rideau River to McCarthy Woods thence to Sawmill Creek and thence along the Creek back to the River. The Urban Natural Areas Environmental Evaluation (completed March 2005) lists McCarthy Woods together with much of the meadow to the west as far as Riverside Dr. to be a high-ranked natural area for Ottawa. The NCC, who owns the land, currently wishes most of the corridor, excepting McCarthy Woods proper, to be open for development. Negotiations are continuing, with the Ontario Municipal Board hovering in the background.

Development. A site plan for the Red Pines lot south of Hunt Club Road is available. It is to be a site for the Lowe-Martin printing plant. Red Pines is a name for the 8 hectares south of Hunt Club Road now planted with red pine trees.
Ottawa Police Service
Crime reports for District 35 (East):
  • District/zone profile
  • District/neighborhood profile
  • Community police centre
  • Photo Galleries:
    Hunt Club - Sep 2003   Autumn gardens - 2000    Ottawa slide show   Ottawa web cameras
    Politics Details
    City of Ottawa councillors (wards):
    Mayor Larry O'Brien (email)
    1 Orléans Bob Monette (email) 580-2471
    2 Innes Rainer Bloess (email) 580-2472
    3 Bell-South Nepean Jan Harder (email) 580-2473
    4 Kanata North Marianne Wilkinson (email) 580-2474
    5 West Carleton Eli El-Chantiry (email) 580-2475
    6 Stittsville-Kanata West Shad Qadri (email) 580-2476
    7 Bay Alex Cullen (email) 580-2477
    8 Baseline Rick Chiarelli (email) 580-2478
    9 Knoxdale-Merivale Gord Hunter (email) 580-2479
    10 Gloucester-Southgate Diane Deans (email) 580-2480
    11 Beacon Hill-Cyrville Michel Bellemare (email) 580-2481
    12 Rideau-Vanier Georges Bédard (email) 580-2482
    13 Rideau-Rockcliffe Jacques Legendre (email) 580-2483
    14 Somerset Diane Holmes (email) 580-2484
    15 Kitchissippi Christine Leadman (email) 580-2485
    16 River Maria McRae (email) 580-2486
    17 Capital Clive Doucet (email) 580-2487
    18 Alta Vista Peter Hume (email) 580-2488
    19 Cumberland Rob Jellett (email) 580-2489
    20 Osgoode Doug Thompson (email) 580-2490
    21 Rideau Glenn Brooks (email) 580-2491
    4 Gloucester-South Nepean Steve Desroches (email) 580-2751
    4 Kanata South Peggy Feltmate (email) 580-2474

    Follow the city proceedings to keep tabs on what is happening.

    Link to: for a list of community websites.
    Aylmer   Ottawa South   Hintonburg   Ottawa East   Tanglewood-Hillsdale   Central Park   The Glebe   Beacon Hill North   Beacon Hill South   Barrhaven   Gatineau (Hull)   Orleans   Queenswood Heights   Centrepointe   Cumberland   Heron Park North   Kanata (1)   Kanata (2)   North Gower (1)   North Gower (2)   Ontario   Osgoode   Ottawa   Manotick   Riverside South

    Planning (Updated: 12 Sep 2006) Details

    NEW: Ottawa city website offers a truly fantastic zoning map resource at Using this feature, you can zoom into your own property and determine the present and future zoning, transportation, water, see the air photo, and much more. Note that the feature will ask you to install a mapping software, which takes only about a minute to instal, and needs to be installed only once.

    Ongoing suggestions submitted by people in our community, and community responses, will be tracked (link to Concepts).

    Save Our Greenspace is working to save the greenspace land along the Airport Parkway that the City wants to turn into a railway yard as part of the North-South LRT project

    Site of the owner/manager of Hunt Club McCarthy Mall

    Sidewalks. No sidewalks means more cars, making it less safe for the fewer of us who still choose to walk. Children have to play in the street, meaning that parents have to supervise their play. 

    Visual appeal. What do you see when you look down your street? Any suggestions as to what you would like to see?

    Working with the City: Community groups can work with the City to develop secondary plans for their community - based on the City's official plan. The last attempt to produce a secondary plan was in 1998 when we created a Public Advisory Committee (PAC) to plan and formally establish a vision for our community. The process eventually fizzled out due to a number of factors. The results from this process are available at Official Plan Volume 2A Secondary Plans. As reference regarding the directions and objectives of that PAC, see commentary, and agenda. This portal for formally trying to gather ideas and secure commitments from both our community and the City is always open but requires considerable effort.

    Click to some planning efforts around the world: 

    New online zoning bylaw project. The City is consolidating its various zoning bylaws into one and putting them online. How to Find Your Proposed Zoning shows one in a series of strategy outlines summarizing some of the concepts proposed for the New Comprehensive Zoning By-law. Contact Dave Leclair, Planning, Environment and Infrastructure Policy Branch at 613-580-2424, ext.13871, or at

    City Details

    New yellow bag program. In 2006, the City will be offering an optional comprehensive curbside recycling and waste collection service to small non-residential establishments. The program will begin following further consultation with the business community.

    Ottawa Online. To join the City's e-mail list, or to find out more about how to 'Plug in to your City', go to
    and follow the online instructions. You may also now dial 311.

    History Details
    History makers in our community: 

    Josh Martin, a resident of Prince of Wales Dr., launched his first interactive serial novel in early February. See Murkworld at

    John Nihmey, who has just written a book, Fireworks and Folly, a story of the life and death of a native woman in Hull, and how we are all responsible for that death.

    Transportation Details

    OC Transpo

    Bus schedules:
    41, 45, 87, 116, 145, 146, 147.
    (Hunt Club area transit map)

    Ottawa Light Rail Project (links):
    new Ottawa Light Rail Transit website
    City public consultation
    East-West Corridor LRT Project
    Ottawa Rail Transit and Public Transport Developments
    Ottawa-Carleton Light Rail System Map
    Ride the O-Train
    LRTA Links: Systems Sites
    Ottawa Streetcar 696 Restoration Group
    Ringing Ottawa with Light Rail
    Ottawa Light Rail Future
    Light Rail Atlas
    Light Rail Transit Association (LRTA), London, England
    Bombardier CITYFLO solutions
    Alstom light rail vehicles
    Light rail in Houston, Texas

    Health Details
    See HealthWorld Online.
    Environment Details

    Calling all naturalists, join the marsh monitoring program. For precise information, contact Sara Gagné, PhD candidate, Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory, Carleton University (613) 262-5785 or write or contact Bird Studies Canada P.O. Box 160, Port Rowan N0E 1M0 (519) 586-3531 or 1-888-448-BIRD (2473) or visit

    If you need money to implement a local environmental project, you can apply for support from Evergreen, which is a registered national charity founded in 1991. Evergreen is a national non-profit environmental organization with a mandate to bring nature to our cities through naturalization projects. Evergreen motivates people to create and sustain healthy, natural outdoor spaces and gives them the practical tools to be successful. For precise information, go to their website at

    Pine forest south of Hunt Club Rd. is gradually being sold, bought, and cut down to make way for a new development - just west of Paul Anka Dr. Real estate agent for the lease/sale is J. J. Barnicke (see website; phone 613-232-1215). Contact David Lees, Vice President and managing director at

    EarthCare, sponsored by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. EarthCARE is an action-oriented environmental education program designed to develop students and staff as environmental stewards. For more information, refer to FAQs.

    Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights
    Greenspace Alliance of Canada´s Capital
    Ottawa Forests Advisory Committee
    Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

    Advancing environmental stewardship in Ottawa GREENPRINT and the Ottawa Stewardship Council invite you and your organization to participate in establishing, operating, and growing the Ottawa Community Stewardship Centre. The City of Ottawa's Environmental Advisory Committee endorses the goals of the Ottawa Community Stewardship Centre in: 1) providing a central source of comprehensive local information from all groups with an interest in environmental stewardship; and 2) improving the capacity for local groups to collaborate and to access and share products and services they need.

    Survey of Pesticide Use Policies and Bylaws The finalized report for Canada and the Western U.S., is now available through the at Responsible Pest Management website

    Who and Where We Are Details

    Click on small map at right to enlarge:   Location of Hunt Club in World Location of Hunt Club in World

    For a brief overview, click on any topic:

    Location  History  Change  Living  Potential  Motivation  Rep  More info Help

    This site is intended for the community of people living in the Hunt Club area in south Ottawa. Its objective is to gather information about the community and from those living there so that we can use that information to collectively improve our standard of living. This site is maintained by the Hunt Club Community Organizaton (HCCO) on the National Capital Freenet.

    Classifieds Details

    Experienced professional housekeeper - will do cleaning, cooking or washing. Contact Carole French at 613-736-0522.

    Rock Radovan is looking for people interested in the environment and renewable energy, such as in developing and selling solar panels in bulk. He is in the process of developing a community power co-operative (a not-for-profit one) and needs feedback from interested people. Provincial laws for cooperatives state that you need at least 5 people (at a minimum) to be able to incorporate. Contact Rock at email or the website at for more information.

    You, too can put an ad in this site: $24/year (prorated by $2/month with year ending 31 July). Contribution goes to support the HCCO.
    Also link to
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