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Location and people. We are a suburb of Ottawa, Canada, bounded by the Rideau River to the west, Hunt Club Road (Ottawa's southern city boundary) to the south, CPR Prescott division rail line to the east and CNR Albion yard line to the north (see map). Over the last 20 years, some 13,000 people have gradually moved into this area.  /\

History. Circumstances have put this area outside the development and improvement loop, Ottawa city center getting most of the attention (for obvious reasons), and the developments west (Kanata and Nepean) and east (Gloucester and Orleans) getting the main cuts from the transportation pie.  /\

Change. Things are changing, however. More people are moving south rather than east/west, and with them comes increasing calls for better transportation and recognition/\

Living. For many reasons, Hunt Club is an ideal location. Even without direct access to downtown Ottawa, a Hunt Club resident can drive or bus downtown in 15 min. The widening of Hunt Club Road has linked Hwy 417 in the east with Hwy 416 in the west, effectively making it very easy for any resident to access work, shopping, entertainment, and anything else along that route, reducing business costs for commerce in the area and making Hunt Club more attractive for business investment in the future. We're located between two business parks, have the international airport just south of us. Natural features such as the Rideau River, many green and wooded areas (some having environmentally sensitive features such as a varied and yet unspoiled vegetation and wildlife), carry the potential for tourism and simple viewing and walking pleasure. There is a beach, Mooney's Bay nearby, an exclusive golf course and club, a banquet hall.  /\ 

Potential. Hunt Club even has the potential for a centralized village focus we find so attractive in towns in Europe and in rare coastal North American tourist sites: an urban area surrounded by green space and within walking distance of a central community center, playing fields, a small shopping center (groceries, restaurants, health clubs, stores and services), fire hall, church, health clinic, and car service station.  /\

Motivation. Now is the time to recognize these and many other assets we have and to plan our future so that Hunt Club retains its current good features and builds upon them so that our community becomes not just a place where our parents have brought us to live as kids, but a place where we can and would like to stay as young adults, come back to from trips abroad, invite our friends to visit, and retire to when we get old.  /\

Representation. The community is represented by the Hunt Club Community Organization (HCCO), which has as its objectives to:

For more information, contact or write: Hunt Club Community Organization, 3320 Paul Anka Drive, Ottawa Ontario K1V 0J9, or phone President: Fred McLennan at 521-0682.  /\