--- Latest News Items ---

Next HCCO meeting to be held at the HCRCC at 7:30pm on Mon 6 Nov 06. See agenda.

Public Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting for the Hunt Club Neighborhood Plan study held on Wed 2 Sep 98. See notes about previous meetingminutes, commentary, and agenda.

Continuing feature. City of Ottawa council meets the 1st and 3rd Wed of every month to discuss and vote on issues. We've added the proceedings of the most recent meetings to this site.

Rezoning application for properties adjacent to Riverside Dr. between Uplands and Hunt Club Rd. Cognos wishes to change the residential zoning at the SE corner of Uplands and Riverside from residential to commercial; a similar change being proposed for another slice of property opposite, on the west side of Riverside. Contact Robert Spicer at 244-5300, ext. 1-3858 at the City of Ottawa for further information.

NOSS Overview of their study on open spaces in Ottawa can be downloaded from http://city.ottawa.on.ca/ottawa/city/web/a/a1/ew1p0051.ZIP). Opens up (unzips) into a 13 Mbyte WordPerfect 6.1 document, which does not display the maps. This location http://city.ottawa.on.ca/ottawa/city/web/a/a1 contains a great number of the documents produced by the City.