How to Contribute

A web site like this is a work of love. It is produced by people during spare time fitted into personal lives, family, work, and other commitments. This web site is also meant to reflect the people in our community; the more people, the better and more accurate the reflection.

A web site is something like a newspaper. A single person, "the editor" (current or email) cannot compose all the information in the publication both because of the amount of work involved and because the editor's expertise is in editing and not in specific subject areas.

This site, therefore, needs people who are informed, or even experts, in the many subject areas indicated by the menu at the bottom of the window. If you feel you have any contribution, or the energy to make regular contributions, please contact us.

Some Basic Conventions

(***To be determined***)

List of Contributors


Policy 1. Because the site may not have the room, or the webmasters the time, to include all contributions, the webmaster reserves the right to edit incoming material. However, nothing will be published on this site without prior approval from the contributor.

Policy 2. The intent of any material published on this site is to promote the well being of all current (and future) residents of the community, and to make this community attractive to people anywhere who might look in this direction.