This website is titled The Hunt Club Community and located on the Internet at the URL address of http://hunt-club.ncf.ca/.

This website is the creation of its webmaster, Peter Vasdi, who maintains it on a voluntary and ad-hoc basis.

This website may have been the first website created for the Hunt Club community but it is likely that other people will create other Hunt Club community websites in the future. In fact, other Hunt Club community websites may already exist.

The content of this website contains information received from a variety of sources. Although the webmaster makes a serious attempt to ensure that the content of The Hunt Club Community site is factual and accurate, the responsibility for the content rests with the contributor.

The Hunt Club Community Organization (HCCO), therefore, is responsible only for the content of the pages under the HCCO section of this site: mainly the overview page, the agenda page, and the pages that contain the minutes of HCCO meetings.